Here I will put questions that are either frequently asked or frequently not asked and result in people missing out on key pieces of how things work.


Items under this category will be a set of tasks to accomplish in order to gain a certain skill.

EDM510 Summer 2016

This category is for things like the syllabus and important announcements.

Start Here!

This set of categories is for people who are not enrolled in a course, but want to publicly solve some challenges here.


This category is for Challenges for ISD581


This category, and those under it, will have articles, books, and sometimes non-traditionally published resources (i.e., web pages) that are here to inform how technology can support learning.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. Do you not know what to do? Are you confused, frustrated? You are probably not the only one. Ask your questions here.

Blog Comments

This category gets populated automatically from the blog. These posts populate the discussion displayed there.


Topics here are to help people learn how to use Discourse to teach online (or blended) courses.