Artifacts These challenges are those that require you to create some artifact for your portfolio or your learning community. User Contributed Got an idea for a challenge for others to complete? Post it here! Essentials [Categories below here are basic skills that everyone needs in order to participate in any course.] Pedogogy Classroom Management Challenges here have to do with how to manage students in classrooms, or something like that. These are works in progress, developed by <a class="mention-group" href="/groups/contributors">@contributors</a>. Things to Know Sharing These Quests will have to do with sharing and working together. System Administration These challenges have to do with the guts of computers, things like: replacing hardware, installing operating systems, preparing for disaster. Alabama These Quests are specifically for people who live and/or work in Alabama. For example these Quests are opportunities to learn about State standards, and state-specific web resources. Software These quests are designed to give you tasks to accomplish with types of software to learn to use them.
About the Quests category [Quests] (1)
Discourse Basics and Configuration [Essentials] (1)
Research: What's Happening in Your Field? [Pedogogy] (1)
First Year Preparation [Classroom Management] (1)
Materials for the Classroom [Classroom Management] (1)
Classroom Decor [Classroom Management] (1)
Supplemental Work [Classroom Management] (1)
Rules, Procedures, and Consequences [Classroom Management] (1)
Creating a Syllabus [Classroom Management] (1)
Library Tools: Learn to use the Library Remotely [Essentials] (1)
Things to Know about Copyright Law [Things to Know] (1)
Back it up! Back it up! Back it up! [System Administration] (1)
App Install: Moodle Basics [Software] (1)
GdocsFormatting: Collaborative Formatting in Google Apps [Software] (1)
Blogging Your Way Through the Course [Pedogogy] (1)
Journals I Watch: Find Two Journals in Your Field [Pedogogy] (2)
Browsers: Install Chrome and Firefox [Essentials] (1)
Feedreader: Get a Feedly Account [Essentials] (1)
Get all the badges! [Essentials] (1)
A Domain of One's Own [Essentials] (1)
Autobiographer: Customize your profile [Essentials] (1)
Learn Markdown: Text-only Markup [Essentials] (1)
Create a web site with Jekyll [Software] (1)
Microblogging: Whither Twitter? [Sharing] (1)
Social Bookmarking: Finding and Sharing [Sharing] (1)
ISTE Standards and You [Things to Know] (1)
Portable Apps--Your Own Computer in Your Pocket [Software] (1)
Digital Storytelling [Pedogogy] (1)
Software: Video Editing [Software] (1)
ALEX: Alabama Learning Exchange [Alabama] (1)