A blog/Portfolio for my final project- Masline


Continuing the discussion from ISD581 2016 Spring Final Project:


So far, I have written 4 posts. I need to work on the look of my portfolio. I also want/need/have barely started to research what should go in an ID portfolio.

@pfaffman Is there a way to upload my old work to this cite? Or how can I display what I have already done?

I have already written 3000 words, but will you check to see if you think it is substantial enough?

I used the E-learning book to write my post on cognitive load and instruction. I also used other resources to write my other blogs. I want to add more to this, but so far this is what I am doing/aiming to do-

I am creating a portfolio that includes posts about myself, instructional design as a field, and the benefits of ID.

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This looks like a great start, @sjmasline.

I moved this topic to the “help” category rather than the “completions” category since it’s not, you know, complete.

By “this site” do you mean your site? If so, yeah, you an upload whatever you want there. It’s yours, after all, that’s sort of the point. Maybe I’m missing something?

You probably want to create pages (not posts) for whatever artifacts you want to share there.

You should probably create a username for yourself other than “admin” (and I should amend every single “set up XXX software” challenge to have “create your own darn account” as one of the must-do activities). It looks silly, or otherwise less than professional, for “admin” to be your username. There are some themes that don’t show the username. If all of the work on your site will be yours, then that might be appropriate.

You might also be able to change admin’s username to something like yours.

The dangerous thing about making your portfolio a blog is that if you do not create new content regularly it will look silly. Want evidence? See for example, http://the.dataplumber.org or even http://blog.literatecomputing.com/ (which I swear I’m going to post to again soon, really).