ALEX: Alabama Learning Exchange



ALEX – Alabama Learning Exchange

Who should complete this quest

People who are, or want to be, K12 teachers in Alabama.

After this quest to be able to say “I Can use The ALEX web site to:”

  • Find state Standards (AKA “Courses of Study”)
  • Find a lesson plan that you might use for a particular purpose
  • Create a personal workspace and bookmark lesson plans

What to do

Create an ALEX account at

Though an account is not necessary to browse the site, having account provides you with additional features like bookmarking lesson plans you locate, creating a teacher home page, and submitting lesson plans that you develop.

To get the most from this assignment, use an email address that will persist after you leave USA. Examine what each of these sections of the site provides :

  1. Courses of Study,
  • Learning Assets,
  • Lesson Plans,
  • Search,
  • Personal Workspace,
  • Professional Learning,
  • Podcast Treasury, and
  • ALEXville.

You might also look in Professional Learning, for subtopics that pertain to your major (e.g., Library Media, Special Education, and English Language Learners).

Look for resources that you would like to use in your own work. Locate three (3) sets of standards (also called objectives) from the Alabama Courses of Study and for each save the URL and name of the course of study. Choose two sets of standards from content areas or grade levels of interest to you and a third set from the Technology Education section.

Locate 5 lesson plans of interest to you and bookmark them using the “Save to ALEX” link. Save the URL and name of 2 lesson plans.

Log in to ALEX, go to “My Workspace,” and “expand all” to show the resources in your workspace. Notice that for each lesson plan, you can add and edit a comment. These comments are useful because it is often the case that the name of the lesson plan is not enough to remind you why you were interested in it. To demonstrate that you see how the comment feature works, add a comment to at least one lesson plan.

These links can be tricky. You should test them all in a Chrome incognito window (or Firefox’s equivalent).

Evidence of Success

Reply-as-linked-topic, tag with #alex-mastery , and provide the following:

  1. A screenshot showing saved resources in your ALEX work space and that you have added a comment to least one lesson plan.
  • Name and links to 2 Lesson plans
  • Provide a link to two Standards/objective/courses of study that relate to a subject you may be teaching (e.g., 7th grade social studies).
  • Provide a link to the Technology Standards/objective/courses of study.

Success ALEX assignment
Success: ALEX AL Learning Exchange
Alabama learning exchange success
Success: Using Alabama Learning Exchange to Find and Build Lessons