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Continuing the discussion from EDM510 2016 Summer Final Project:

Trying to get children engaged in learning is sometimes hard to do. I believe that anytime we can apply technology and hands on materials with real world issues allows us to better reach every child. That is why I believe in teaching the standards through projects and working together. Working together allows students to ask questions and learn from each other. Having lesson plans that hit on the standards, using technology, and engaging students is the essential key to learning. That is why I decided to put a lesson plan in ALEX for others to use, as my final project.

I chose the Fraction Pizza Project because I must teach fractions in the 4th grade and this is a fun and interactive way of assessing what my students know and understand. They learn how to work together and enjoy being in groups. This is a way for students to show there creativity. They must follow the instruction sheet that I make or you can make one yourself. Basically, they are supposed to represent 5 different fractions using several different pizza toppings. They must include a key explaining what their fractions. FOr each of the five fractions they have to write two equivalent fractions. They must then work together to come up with two word problems that go o long with their pizza. They must then present their information to the class explaining through a source of technology.

The Fraction Pizza Project touches on several of the COS Standards for 4th grade. Not only does it touch on the math standards but also on the technology standards. This project also allows students to problem solve together. This is important because businesses now are saying that I children can not work together and are not able to problem solve. My students have to learn to work together and it is a very effective tool to use to show mastering of the skills needed in grade four. I put the lesson plan into ALEX so that I could share this resource that I love and so do my students. This link may not work for you until it has been approved by the ALEX Team.
This project shows the concept of fractions to real life situations. This project uses pizza toppings to help deepen the 4th graders understanding of what a fraction is. Students must present their projects using the computer. My students used powerpoint to explain how they came up with what to do for the project and how they did it. They have to use pictures while they where making the pizza and a picture of the final project. We then could compare everyones finished project. Some of my students use imovie to present their pizza fraction project. The lesson plan says that you can you powerpoint, but I believe that we should allow our students to decide.

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Lesson Plans: “ALEX Lesson Plan_ Pizza Fraction Project - Google Docs”.pdf (224.8 KB)

This lesson will take about 120 hours to complete. I have implemented using technology to help with the group discussions. Many pizza places will provide the pizza boxes for you with no charge.If there are any available pizza boxes you can always use a file folder. Each child must receive guidelines and there shouldn’t be any two pizzas the same. You can choose your own guidelines depending on what you want to students to do and your standards that you must cover. Children can be as creative as they want to be.

Here is a picture of some finished projects: