App Install: Moodle Basics



What is Moodle?

Like Sakai, Moodle is an Open Source Software (OSS) learning management system. It is easy enough to administer, that a Normal Person can set it up and maintain it (e.g., on Reclaim Hosting).

Like many other content management systems, Moodle can be used to create just about any kind of web site, but it has built-in affordances for teaching, like metaphors of courses, teachers, students, groups, assignments, tests, and so on.

This first Moodle challenge is just to get you to click around and see what it is that it can do. You are encouraged to check out all of the things it can do. Many of the options are hidden by default, so you should click on those pull-downs to see what is behind them. If you merely create the things that are required (much as in my examples), you probably will not learn much about the capabilities. It would probably make sense to have everyone work in the same Moodle so that we could log in and see each others courses. I will investigate that as an option for future challenges.

What to do

Install Moodle on your Reclaim Hosting Domain.

  • Create a login
  • create a course
  • create an assignment — open all of those pull-downs to see what kinds of things assignments can be.
  • create a forum
  • create a glossary. Enter at least 3 terms.
  • Enable Guest access: course/administration/users/enrollment methods/guest access. Do this so that we can see your course. Check in a Chrome incognito window. Users will see a login page, but there will be a Log in as a guest button (unless you turn on auto-login guests in site administration).


Evidence of Completion

Reply-as-linked-topic with #moodle-basics. Enter a URL for each of the following. You can paste this into your reply for a set of checkboxes.

- [ ] your course:
- [ ] assignment:
- [ ] forum:
- [ ] glossary: 
- [ ] a page:
- [ ] a folder with 3 files:

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How Can I Get Access to Moodle?