Blog is published!

One of my good friends is a writer and I simply asked which site she used to post her work and Weebly was the answer. Weebly is extremely easy to navigate. Making a blog is quite inspiring!

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Screenshots are just for things that can be seen only on your screen. If we can see them too, just give us a link, OK?

Please delete the screen shot and just give us the link to your blog. It’s a little hard to read and type the url.

And, if you want to be a role model, go add your blog link to the blogs wiki here: is the link that you should have provided.

This is the link I assumed needed to be provided upon the completion of publishing my blog and this is the quest for creating a blog. I assumed would be provided in sakai upon the completion of the imovie project. So, there is confusion on my end.

Oops. I think you have it right. Maybe the confusing has to do with what URL you put in Sakai for the movie assignment. I’m guessing you put the wrong one there.

That is probably correct. Lauren and I had all that confusion with the ipad. I just wanted to turn in something before five.