Blogging in the future


First, I would like to say I really enjoyed this class. (Even with our famous arguments)

On Feedly, I’m following interesting blogs other than education. Since you’re a technology teacher, I figured this would be a good question for you.

I’m planning on continuing blogging. However, I would like to blog about more than just education. For an example, making food or crafts. Should I make a whole new blog in conjunction to this one? Will it look unprofessional if I blog about more than only education?


Lacey newman


I’m not the brightest bulb in the bushel, but I am making a new one because I linked these to foliotek, and do not want them to have to find the first couple original posts.


I know you’re asking @pfaffman, but I would vote for doing the conjunction. Since like Bobby said, you have the blog hooked up to foliotek. Plus, its super easy so why not?


First, thanks so much for asking, and thanks too to @BobbySkadow and @wwillia for offering their responses.

I don’t disagree with @BobbySkadow and @wwillia on the Foliotek reason, but here is a somewhat more general response reason to set up multiple blogs.

Most people who read blogs read them for one thing. If you were Oprah, you could probably get away with blogging about food and crafting and relationships. If you expected only your friends to read it, then one blog would be enough. If you want to go forward as if you might attract an audience, you should have a separate blog for each narrowly focused idea.

Here’s what I would recommend to you. Go to and spend the price of a couple pizzas ($25/year) for a domain name (or maybe you are more clever and will get some other name).

Set up a separate Wordpress blog on each of something like,, and (again, you might be more creative with the subdomain names). You might then also have yet another wordpress on (and that is not a blog, but uses Wordpress pages (remember pages vs posts?) that is your portfolio of your education/professional work (probably including links to your other blogs). You can configure Wordpress to have a particular page you created show up as the main page (look for “static” something) rather than a list of posts.

While you’re at it, decide on some email address (e.g., and forward it to gmail (you can configure gmail to send mail with that name in the from line). You’ll then not have to change email addresses when gmail becomes the next AOL, or Yahoo, if you don’t remember AOL. :slight_smile:

Or, just create a separate wordpress or blogger blog for each thing you want to blog about.