Blogging Your Way Through the Course



Learning and Sharing

You should be following some blogs and journals in your field. Now it is time for you to reflect on your readings and share ways that you might use these things that you are learning to change your practice.

What to Write

At least eight times and three days apart before your course ends write a 500 word (say 400-600 words) blog post that links to something that you have read in a journal or in your feed reader and says, why it is important to you, and how you might use this tool or idea in the future. If you can write about how you have already used the tool, idea, or concept to do something different, that is better still.

In addition, each blog post should contain:

  1. A link to whatever it is you are commenting on
  • An image (it should show up in a “onebox” in Discourse)
  • a meaningful title (i.e., not “Blog post 4”)

Disclaimer: I hate coming up with images, but people like them. If you do not or cannot make your own images, there are places that you can find free-to-use images.

What to Do

For each of your awesome blog posts, reply-as-linked-topic to this post and add it to the appropriate blog category (e.g., #edm510-2016:edm510blogs2016) and tag with #meaningful-blog-post. Your topic here should include:

  • A meaningful subject (Good: “X helps with Y”; Bad: “Pat’s Blog 2”)
  • A link directly to your blog post, not your blog’s home page, that displays as a one-box with an image.
  • A link to whatever your blog post is discussing (your blog should also link to this)
  • A brief description of your post, whom it should be useful to and why (to get more of us to want to click the link to see your blog post)


This is an ongoing project. The posts must be at least 3 days apart. You cannot do them all today or all the last week of class.

If any other challenge that you are required to do for your course of study involves writing a blog post, that post does not count as one of these.

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