Browsers: Install Chrome and Firefox



You want to say “I can:”

  • download and install software on my computer.
  • Log in to a web site with different accounts at once

Why this skill is important:

Knowing how to safely download and install software is an essential part of using a computer.

It has been found that people who use Firefox or Chrome rather than Safari or Internet Explorer are better at their jobs, and stay in them longer. The nature of correlational research means that you will not be magically transformed into a better computer user for having done this, more likely, the kind of person who refuses to accept inferior software is better at their job. This Challenge is designed to help you see that accepting bad software is not something that you want to do.

Most of what most people do with computers today happens in a web browser. Many people have strong opinions about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as well as Mac OS’s Safari. One reason to avoid either of them is that each of them works only on one platform, so things you do will be different from what others do. According to one source of browser statistics, as of April 2015 Chrome is used by 64% of the people. This is one time that following the herd is a good idea. If you ask someone how to solve a problem on the web, there is a good chance that their solution will involve using Chrome; if you use some other browser, you cannot heed their advice.

Another reason that this is a good exercise is that , having two browsers installed on your computer can be handy if you want to, for example, log in to one site with two different accounts, or if you use a badly-designed web site that will not let you see multiple pages at once in multiple tabs (e.g., Sakai).

You should download and install Chrome and Firefox. You should do this one your own, with no hints or instruction, except that you should download them from their canonical source. That is, Chrome should come straight from Google and Firefox should come straight from the Mozilla.

Hint: Type “download chrome” and “download firefox” into your favorite search engine and follow the first link that is not an ad. Again, Chrome should come from Google. Firefox should come from If your search engine encourages you to download either of these from some other site, you should change search engines, and/or learn what ads look like.

Evidence of success

  • Open both Chrome and Firefox so that both are visible on the screen, take a screen shot.
  • Reply-as-linked-topic to this message, and post in the appropriate “completions” category for your class, and tag with #installbrowsers
  • Include in your message anything that seemed confusing that happened along the way and might help someone else following in your footsteps.

If you get stuck, post a question in the help category.

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