CAS, SACS, NILOA Assignment - For Educational Admin. Majors Assignment?


I am confused…the assignment labeled CAS, SACS, NILOA Assignment - For Educational Admin. Majors is only for Admin Majors right? I am just making sure before I do this assignment and it was not required.



@Lola_Solano That is the same thing I want to know!! Great question!

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Thanks for asking, Lola, and thanks for asking here.

I’m basing this course on what’s been taught before and what the other section, trying to keep things as consistent between sections as I can bear. That’s the way that I read it too. FWIF, I’ve not changed that assignment a bit. (I suppose that I will soon need to figure out what all of those acronyms are!)



@Lola_Solano If it helps I am Educational Leadership (Higher Education) and I did this assignment. I am assuming that I don’t have to the ALEX P-12 assignment because my degree doesn’t have a teaching certificate? Could you help me out with that @pfaffman ?

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So can you put that in layman’s terms for me? Do all students do these assignments?

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Jude: You don’t need to do the CAS (or any assignments that say something like "only for ed admin people, but I think this may be the only one).

This Foliotek thing is making me crazy. The good news for you is that it’s not your problem.

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