Category descriptions


How did I get this image and text here for this category? When I click the wrench it takes me to the “About the category” pin/description. None of my other categories have this huge text and image so I need to make them consistent but I can’t remember how I got it there in the first place.


A link to this page would have hleped here.


You want the Edit wrench here:

To edit the topic.


and that takes you here: ’


Ah, I got it now. A bug is that it only lets you open the edit pop up window once, after that it does nothing when you click on the wrench until I close the browser and open it again. This is in Chrome.


But it still takes me to the “About” page when I click on “general” to try to get rid of the giant text.


That’s because that Description text and the “About” page are the same thing.


But it’s not for any of my other categories: Compare here: and (not the same)

with and (same)


Looks the same as:


I see. That text gets displayed at the category level only if there is an image.


But delete the image and you get:


See if this helps:


AH HA! Thanks! I never woulda figured that one out.