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Continuing the discussion from The Fruits of Your Labor: EDM510 Summer 2016 Final Project!:

I decided to create a site for my hypothetical upcoming classroom. The site was made as if I were to teach a 10th grade Chemistry course. I chose this project because I absolutely plan to implement a class website into my teaching career. Students nowadays are birthed and groomed with technology. One of the first task we were given in this class was to create a domain and install a Wordpress site. I found that task to be extremely beneficial seeing as though I had not created a webpage since my middle school days on Myspace. I took more time to learn the workings of Wordpress as I completed this final project.

When I sought out to complete this final project, I thought I would have to cough up more money. Instead of purchasing another domain, I took the advice of @pfaffman and installed a second Wordpress site. This was a little tricky.I had to toy around in the client portal on the Reclaim Hosting site. So, that is one thing I learned. I spent a great amount of time on this project. I wanted an attractive website interface so I took some time perfecting the image of the site. I proposed a short autobiography, class rules and a full syllabus for my course. On my syllabus, I included a link to the Alabama Course of Study Standards found on the Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) site. The most exciting thing I found was a FREE online course text for 10th grade chemistry. The link to that text is found on my syllabus.

I included a “Homework Help” tab for students to access practice worksheets found on The Internet Science Room. There is also a periodic table to use as reference when completing assigned work. I have a page devoted to the Alabama Virtual Library. I have listed links to various sources that I think would be of value to students enrolled in my course. I also included the link directly to the Alabama Virtual Library. I became familiar with AVL after completing a required assignment associated with EDM 510. I also have a “Dates to Remember” tab. Students can keep up with significant dates such as school holidays and teacher work days. Lastly, I included a “Teacher’s Thoughts” page that acts as my blog posting page. I will periodically post study tips, hints, and information about upcoming exams. I have already posted three items here hinting to students that there will be an upcoming syllabus quiz and points to grab for writing a mini bio about themselves.

Take a look around my website Class Away From Class, and also follow my class’s Twitter! The button can be found on the left side of the initial page once you click on the site’s link.

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Your site looks great! Good luck this year!


This looks great!

A small thing: Your periodic table would look better if it were a PNG rather than a JPG. JPEGs are “lossy” and that’s why the element names are hard to read.


Thank you! I will change the format! :smiley: I appreciate the critique!