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#Why talk about Decorating Tips?

I honestly believe that they way your classroom looks effects the way your students learn and participate in class. I am a firm believer to posting the student’s work on the walls of my classroom. Ryan Hannah from, a graduate from Western Michigan University, shares his research about this with us. Unfortunately, my classroom is used for ACT testing, so I cannot keep certain things on my walls.

Take the time right now to read this article by Jordan Catapano:

Jordan shares some tips about specific decorations that a classroom can benefit from.

##Themes Many teachers choose to have a theme for their classroom. This theme will include colors, shapes, and/or a specific animal. I began decorating my classroom in black, red (crimson), and white (my favorite combination of colors). However, I have progressed to having less red and more neon green, blue, pink, and yellow. I like how my classroom has opened up with the bright colors. Although I think that having a specific theme can add to your classroom, I am not positive that it is a necessity.

##So, What do you do? This is a time for your creativity! To complete this quest, you should determine a theme for your classroom (one that should pertain to your content area). Share with us at least 3 different ways that you can implement your theme into your decorations. You must upload at least 1 picture that will help us visualize your thought process. Take the time to think through something that you can put an effort into. The students will know if it was something you enjoyed doing and something that you take a little pride in.

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