Cognitive Flexibility and Teacher Responsibility

Continuing the discussion from Blogging Your Way Through the Course:

One of the most important things a teacher can give their students is the ability to think differently and flexibly about a variety of topics. There are a whole host of ways a teacher can incorporate this into their classroom Link to blog Link to Article

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Did you type the URL for your blog? It doesn’t have dots in it.

And the first line of your post is a URL that people can’t click. I’d like to think that in this class you learned how to create links and know to do so. It’s also a little strange for a post to begin that way. It’d be better if you had the link to the article at the end where you put the citation.

Thank you for pointing that out! Should be fixed now.

The link here is still broken.

For some reason, the permalink on the wordpress site wasn’t copying correctly. But I managed to open it in an incognito window, so now it’s fixed.

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That did it! (And yes on testing in the incognito window!)

I think that before you were copying a display of the URL (which was too long to fit wherever it was, so it included the ... eliding the rest of the URL). It’s (usually) best to copy a URL from the Location bar of your web browser (control-L will put the cursor in the right place and control-c will copy it).

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