Collaborating with Google Docs, Part 2

Collaborating with Google Docs, Part 2

In which we edit someone else’s work to make it better, and practice editing someone else’s work.


This is a rather intricate exercise with lots of moving parts. I think it will be fun and informative. It was conceived 2015-09-04, so it could be that parts of it will not work as I hope, but I’m going to try it anyway. To quote Lyle Lovett “what would you be if you didn’t even try?”

If something seems impossible or broken, post your idea, complaint, concern, or revelation in the appropriate help category.

Before You Start

You should have already done Collaborative Writing: Collaborative Writing in Google Docs and your post should be listed on this page. If not, you should do that now.

Here We Go!

Choose who you will collaborate with

  1. Check out the things that people wrote about in the collaborative writing challenge.
  • Find two pages that seem interesting that you have something to contribute to and do not already have two collaborators.

  • Reply to their message (not reply-as-linked-topic) and state that you will collaborate with them on their post and why.

  • Go to their Google docs document and share it with yourself so that your comments are attributed to you.

Start Collaborating!

  1. Go to the documents that you selected and make some edits and add some notes (the keyboard shortcut is control-alt-M)
  • Notice that if you edit a document from a “anyone with the link my edit” link, your edits will be anonymous. To fix that you need to go to the sharing settings and share your colleague’s document with yourself (with whatever gmail account you want to use) to have your edits be attributed to you.

  • Make sure that you are logged in so that your contributions can be attributed to you. Pay attention to this!!! See the above note.

  1. Check in at least every other day so that you can have some interaction with your collaborators. If possible, try to arrange a time to collaborate simultaneously (perhaps by writing a comment that suggests times).

Show Us the Money!

Reply-as-linked-topic to this post and include:

  1. Links to the Google Docs you contributed to
  • Screenshots showing the revision history so that we can see that you contributed

  • Your reflections of how this exercise worked, how you might use collaboration in your work, and/or things that would have made this exercise work better