Collaboratively Building Discussion in your Wiki


Below, in the Wikified reply to this message is a list of everyone’s names in groups. After your name, add (1) Which of the above papers to discuss on your wiki (First author’s last name) and (2) a link to your wiki and instructions for joining if necessary (e.g., a code). You can work out who gets what paper however you want, but the early bird gets the worm is one way. Your group must cover at least as many papers as you have group members.

On your wiki, you will create a page where you and your group members will develop a collaboratively written response or reflection (about 500 words) to the article that you chose. How you and your group members negotiate how each of the four responses gets written is up to you.


  • Greenhow: Greenhow, C., Robelia, B., & Hughes, J. E. (2009). Learning, teaching, and scholarship in a digital age Web 2.0 and classroom research: What path should we take now?. Educational researcher, 38(4), 246-259. DOI: 10.3102/0013189X09336671.

  • Huangg: Wen-Hao David Huang, Denice Ward Hood, Sun Joo Yoo, Gender divide and acceptance of collaborative Web 2.0 applications for learning in higher education, The Internet and Higher Education, Volume 16, January 2013, Pages 57-65, ISSN 1096-7516, [] (

  • Taranto: Taranto, G., Dalbon, M., & Gaetano, J. (2011). Academic social networking brings Web 2.0 technologies to the middle grades. Middle School Journal, 42(5), 12-19.

  • Reich: Reich, J., Murnane, R., & Willett, J. (2012). The state of wiki usage in US k–12 schools leveraging web 2.0 data warehouses to assess quality and equity in online learning environments. Educational Researcher, 41(1), 7-15. DOI: doi: 10.3102/0013189X11427083. [/quote]



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PLEASE forgive my ignorance, and I hope my group doesn’t panic by this post, but I cannot figure out how to get a sentence by my name. I replied as a linked topic, but that didn’t work. I was trying to snag the Middle School Journal article by Taranto. @Devon_Weaver @Lola_Solano @cmartin



@clmitchell I’ m not in your group but if you want to add to the discussion. Go to the top where @pfaffman posted ADD your links below there is a green pencil with a paper icon and brownish pencil to the right. Click on that green pencil and it will allow you to add in what you want. Hope this helps you out

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@kgolightly Guess you’re thanking your lucky stars that I’m not in your group. Thanks so much.



@clmitchell Hey no worries. We are all in the same class and we should help each other out.



Do each of the four responses have to be 500 words or are all four responses 500 words total?



My intention was 500 words each. 500 words is a good length. If you’re blogging, you almost always want to keep your posts shorter than that. I guess those twitter people would say I’m wrong, but you can’t say much in 125 words.

I’m not going to wordcount your stuff unless it looks really short.

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@pfaffman I’m confused, should we all create our own individual wiki or just create one as a group and then create/edit discussions concerning our papers on there?



Each person creates their own wiki and starts the discussion for one of the papers (see the list in the Green wiki above).

I’m not exactly sure how people will negotiate how to deal with the “group” assignment, but figuring out how to get groups to work together is one of using wikis that you will need to figure out if you’re going to use them in your teaching. (Unless you’re clever, and, like me, make your students figure it out, which might not work so well if your students are not grownups.)



Ah! Lightbulb!

Do you mean that we each contribute a bit about our individual article to each wiki page in our group until all four articles are covered, and the entry must be approx 500 words?

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@pfaffman Are we posting a 500 word response to the article we chose to read on our OWN wikis? Then, we each comment on each other’s articles on each of our group members’ wiki pages? There isn’t a group wiki page we need to create? Is the above information (green box) the only directions for this project? I ask because I don’t want to keep bugging with redundant questions.

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@clmitchell That is the same thing that I am trying to figure out. I’m so confused! I just want to know do we need to write the 500 words collectively as a group or we each write our own 500 and then we have a discussion about each of them with our group members…



The idea is that in the wiki (aka “green box”) above you’ll put (1) a link to your wiki (with code if necessary), (2) what paper you’ve "claimed". It looks like people have mostly done that. So I’m guessing that much of the assignment is clear.

The idea is that each person creates a wiki page for the 500 word response for their paper and somehow gets a “collaboratively written response” to the article there. I left just how to do that intentionally vague. The “easy” (read “unimaginative” or "not-very-collaborative") way to accomplish that is to just write the 500 words yourself and let other folks contribute minimally by fixing typos. Maybe someone is creative and has a more interesting way to do that. Maybe there is no way to write collaboratively on such a small project.

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I re-wrote the description up at the top. Is it more clear now? You can just like this if it is.



@Devon_Weaver @Lola_Solano @cmartin @pfaffman

Dr. Pfaffman, I am sorry I’ve been such a problem on this, but your explanation made me even more confused. I thought I had finally understood that we write a 500 word essay on our own article and then we respond to each other’s 500 word essays. That doesn’t sound like a “collaboratively written response”, though. Perhaps I should have created a wiki like in that camping trip video to more effectively talk this thing through with my group, because email and this forum here hasn’t been effective for me on this project. I’m not sure when this is due or how to turn it into assignments or literate computing. Are you just going to go to each of our wikis to see that we did it, or do we “reply as linked topic” with links? I seem to be the only one having such issues here, and now I’ve worked myself into a bit of a panic. I’m going to power through this today in the best way I’ve understood it.



Well, I’d hoped that you could actually collaborate somehow, but that might just be too difficult on so short an assignment with so little time.

To “punt” you’d just write the 500 words yourself and pretend that your group members’ tweaking a sentence here or there or fixing a speling error (you could insert them on purpose) was collaboration.

Yeah, go ahead and reply as per usual, include a couple sentences about how and whether to improve the assignment with a link to the 500 word thing. (Some people may create a separate page on their wiki for the assignment, so a direct link will be helpful.)