Common Mistakes in Writing Blog Posts


Here are some common problems I see on people’s blog posts. I have posted them all here to avoid re-writing them again and again and again.

## Writing Online is Writing Sometimes it seems that people think that writing blog posts and posts on this site is not writing and instead follows the rules of text messaging or online chat. This is simply not true. Unless you take significant lengths to remove what you write online, it will be around for a long time. It is not unlikely that people who might hire you (or date you) will see what you write. You probably want those people to think that you are literate and have familiarity with basic rules of grammar and spelling. ## Use Paragraphs

This is a fairly common problem. It is difficult to read one big blob of text. I suspect that this problem is often due to people not knowing how to convince Wordpress (or other software) that a new paragraph has started. If that is the case, spend a couple of minutes figuring that out. Hint: you probably just need to hit return one more time.

Another possibility is that you somehow think that paragraphs are unnecessary in online writing. That is wrong. See the above section "Writing Online is Writing."

Finally, you might not understand how to use paragraphs. If that is the case, see this page about paragraphs. Synopsis: “The Basic Rule: Keep one idea to one paragraph.”

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