Conquering Discourse (or at least the basics)


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I read through the entire article and instructions and it all made sense to me. I’ve never used a site like Discourse before, so I was honestly a little nervous about missing something important (or not doing something important when I thought I had!). The basics seem pretty… well basic. So hopefully, I’m completing this Quest correctly (and the other two I’ve done).

It’s taken me about 30 minutes to complete this task (although I haven’t completed it yet… still have to reply “anonymously”)



Does anyone know if there is a tag for this task? I didn’t see one in the instructions, but want to make sure.

Oh by the way, it’s me @akelley

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@akelley yes, you use the tag: #autobiographer

Hope this was helpful! :slight_smile:

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@mestrickland1 thank you! It was helpful :smile:

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Hey, @akelley. I checked and it’s down there under What to do.

Oh! Thanks, @mestrickland1! I really appreciate your help! I try to stay on top, but it’s great when people help each other so that they don’t have to wait for me (and with 40 students, I’m going to have a hard time catching every little thing like this in a timely manner!).

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Thank you @pfaffman and @mestrickland1 :smile:



@pfaffman… I have a question about saving posts. If I start on a quest and begin the “reply as linked topic” can I save that and come back to it later without actually posting it?

If not, is it okay to post a half-done quest, but then go back and finish it?

Does that make sense? Is this the correct place to ask a question like that?

(okay maybe I had four questions instead of “a question.” :laughing:)



I had the same question! Sometimes I cannot finish the longer assignments in one sitting.



Right. First, discourse does automatically save your work as you go, so you can come back later and finish. Second, you could download a markdown editor on your computer. Finally, you post before your finish, but if you do, please say so. I would rather not compose a thoughtful and kind version of “how could you possibly think this is what you are supposed to do” just to discover that you knew that you were only half done.

Also, if I read your post before it’s done, there’s a good chance that I won’t know to look at it again when you’re done, so you might need to add an “@Pfaffman I’m done” or flag it so that I’ll know to look again.



Thanks @akelley. I had the same questions. I am really trying to catch up to you guys. Thanks for leading the way.



Thanks @pfaffman! I appreciate it… I have a feeling some of these upcoming quests might fall under this category! :smile:

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