Creating a Syllabus


#Why This Quest? Every teacher is required to make their own syllabus for their class. Many school administrations will have specific requirements about what should be on your syllabus. Here, we will discover what should be put into a syllabus. Honestly, there are thousands (probably millions) of example syllabi that you can look up. Here are a few that I have found:

Megonigal’s AP Chemistry Syllabus Dan Meyer’s Geometry Syllabus

There are also many templates on Pinterest. This is where many teachers learn that we still share as adults!

You will notice that most of these syllabi have the same topics. This is because most administrations want the same things. So, here are the most common things found on a syllabus:

  1. Teacher’s Basic Information
  2. Course Description
  3. Student Text and Materials
  4. Pacing Guide/Weekly Schedule/Course Schedule
  5. Classroom Policies/Procedures
  6. Rules/Consequences
  7. Grading Scale

#What To Do: For this quest you should look over the given examples and some templates. Choose 3 favorite templates, then select one of those three templates to create your syllabus. Your syllabus must include the 7 pieces listed above AND one other piece of information that you find important to your class. You will then post your syllabus to a shareable Google document.

#Proof of Completion: Click “reply as linked topic” and post the following items:

  1. A short narrative about why you chose the template you chose.
  2. A link to your syllabus.
  3. Your 8th part of your syllabus that you thought was important. Tag your post with #syllabus under the completions tab for this class.