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I worked on this project over a period of 2 days. I chose to do my project about Rocky Mountain Naitonal Park, because I just took a recent trip there! When I returned, my students were so interested in where I’d been that we ended up learning about the park in class. It’s nice that now I will know how to create a project like this to help my students connect to our classroom learning.

I created my project using WeVideo, mainly because I was already familiar with it. However, I also downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker and plan to explore that software in the future. I used a collection of my own personal vacation photos, as well as some found on Flickr Commons, to help complete my project.

Here is the link to my video on my blog.

You can check out my project below!



This looks good, but you left out this part:



I am not sure why it is not showing up in my post. When I try to edit, it is there in my preview (see screenshot).

Any suggestions or hints about what I’m doing wrong?



Great subject matter… I LOVE Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park! If you ever get to go in the Fall during the Elk rut, it’s amazing to watch and listen to them!

I will also mention that I happened to catch a typo that you may want to correct before you share it with students… On the slide with the elk (which is why it caught my attention ;)) the word “bursting” is missing the ‘n’.

Nice job!



Thanks for your help!

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