Digital Storytelling



This Quest will let you say “I can:”

  • Create digital stories to enhance instruction and enrich student learning

What is digital storytelling?

Here are some answers that I like:

Digital Storytelling in Plain English

Youtube from Center for Digital Storytelling

Readings about Digital Storytelling

See Digital Storytelling Readings.


You are welcome to use whatever tool that you deem appropriate for completing this assignment. You might search for “digital storytelling tools”, for example. Before looking at my recommendations, you should look now (for 5-15 minutes) to see what you find. If you are certain that you will never want to use a computer after this class is over then you can go ahead and look at my recommendations before doing your own search.

Click here for a few tools that-21 seem like they might be good candidates. - Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a tool that has been part of EDM510 in the past. It has not been updated since 2006, however, so I cannot recommend it. If you do choose to download it, make sure that the site that you get it from is, not some third party.
  • - This is a cool web-based product that is worth a look. It is designed for teachers (paid teacher accounts allow you to create accounts for your students).


  • Apple’s iMovie – If you have a Mac, you might have it already or be able to get it for free.

  • Presentation software – Tools like PowerPoint and LibreOffice’s Impress will let you include text, images, and audio.

  • Office mix, a PowerPoint plug-in purports to be “Everything you need to easily create and share interactive online videos.”

  • Sway is a Microsoft product that purports to be a digital storytelling tool. From a quick glance, I would say that it is worth a look.

What to do

In this assignment you will create a short story (1–2 minutes) that includes your voice, music, photos, and text. The topic can be of your choosing, but you should consider making it something that would be appropriate to include in a portfolio of your work. You will need to experiment with whatever software you choose for some time to understand its affordances before you create your final story, so do expect to play around for a while before you get started on your final take.

Approximately two (2) minutes, no longer that 2.5 min or shorter than 1.5 min, in length. Topic can be of your choice, preferably something that you could use in a class that you do or might teach. Include music, photos, and text. Include your name (or pseudonym if you prefer) in the beginning.

You need to put your story somewhere that will allow you to embed your video on your blog (so that it plays on your blog). If you use Wordpress, this page describes which services are supported. Youtube, Flickr, and The Internet Archive are three that should be easy to figure out.

You should use text, images, and audio that are legal for you to use.

Evidence of Completion

You post, tagged with #digital-storytelling should include:

  • Your learning narrative, including how long you spent and what you would do differently next time
  • Your video embedded in your post
  • A link (not embedded) to wherever your video is hosted

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