End of course reflections


Reflecting back on the summer, I really liked Discourse. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Probably one thing I am still not sure about is the notification settings - I started tagging students in addition to replying to their posts because I was never quite sure whether or how they could know when someone had replied to them. I’m still not really sure…and am not entirely sure I always saw posts that were directed specifically to me. I think that next time I would want to give some explicit instruction on this to the students so they could be sure to configure their settings the way they wanted them, so that they were sure to see replies directed to them. Other than that all the glitches were easily sorted out.


Thanks, Trena.

You should get a notification with a bendy-arrow for this message because it was in reply to a message that you wrote.

You’ll get another one with an @ icon because I put @trena_paulus1 in the message too.

For a faculty member, you should mostly just see that you read every post by just reading the “new” and “unread” headings. I mostly think that students should do that too, but if they do bother to read the ones that they get notifications for, that could be due diligence. This semester I made sure that my students learned to tag posts, which puts a red counter that makes sure that you notice things. It worked pretty well as a means for students to see that my attention was drawn to something (e.g., a post that I thought I’d read but ignored, or read on my phone and forgot to go back to it).

Tell your friends. I’d love to figure out how to have this contribute to my income.

OH! And you need to decide whether you’re going to keep spending $10/month to keep this site up. If you decide to kill it, be sure to let me know before hand and I’ll see that you get a copy of the database backup. With it, you can start a new Discourse instance in the future and have it start where this one left off.

Also, I will probably experiment with ways that I can provide hosting, which may mean that I can keep your site active for much less than $10/month.


Yes, I will need to figure that out. I won’t be using it this fall (because I am teaching a non-tech-related required course), but I want to use it again in either the spring or summer for my own elective course on “analyzing online conversations” and, so, yeah, a course on that topic is a no-brainer to host here!


And I’d argue that whatever the course is about, if anyone is to have discussion then this is the best tool for it. :slight_smile:


I agree - but my colleagues don’t : )