FAQ: Collaborating with Google Docs


What Should I Know about Collaborating in Google Docs?

Revision History

One of the coolest things about Google docs, even if you are the only one editing your document is that you can see all of the old versions. If you are collaborating, you can see who did what when. If you have not seen something like this image on the right hand side of your screen, you have missed one of the key features. See “revision history” on the File menu, or type control-alt-shift-G.

What Do I Do So that People Can See What I Did?

Nothing. You do not need to make your comments in other colors or cross out things that you think should be deleted. Just make the changes. People can tell what you did from the revision history.

My changes show up as anonymous, why?

If a Google Doc is shared with an “anyone with the link can edit” link, then you do not have to log in to make changes. The way to change this is to click on the sharing button (you can see it in the revision history image above) and share the document with yourself. You can then go check your email and click the link so that your changes are attributed to you. Make some changes and check the Revision History to make sure.

Could we have avoided the extra step of “self-sharing?”

Yes. If everyone used their USA/Jagmail Google docs, then the “Anyone at the University of South Alabama with the link can edit” link would have allowed people to edit the document using their USA credentials. The down side of this method, however, is that you would not be able to check that your link did what you wanted by using an Incognito Window.

Collaborating Part 2
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