FAQ--How do I ask a question?


How do I ask a question so that I will get a good answer.

Here is a very good answer to this question that I have used to guide my own questions in the past. His answer refers to public forums where people have little reason to help you, but they are good guidelines to follow when asking any technical question.

  1. Be Specific. Say more than “I need help.” Say instead “I need help getting my blog link” or “I created a podcast but do not know where to put it.”

  2. Say what you have tried. Did you do a Google search? What did you search for? Did you get an error message? Include a screenshot (and before you get the screen shot, search for the words in the error message).

  • RTFM. Read The Fine Manual. Or, in the case of quests or challenges here, read the quest. They are designed to tell you exactly what to have accomplished and often how to know whether you did it. For example, if it says that you should test your link by trying it in an incognito window, you should do that.

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