FAQ: Searching Discourse



One of the coolest things about Discourse is its search feature. It is fast, powerful, and easy to get to. Want to find posts about Wordpress? Just type /wordpress. No, really, just type it. The / opens the search box. If you want to waste time using the mouse, you can click the little magnifying glass up by your profile icon and the hamburger menu (and no, seriously, that thing with the three lines is really called a hamburger button).

The search menu lets you search through topics, posts, users, or categories. If you click the “options” link on that menu, you will get a quick little help window (and esc will make it go away).

Here are some of the things you can search for:

order:views	order:latest	order:likes		
status:open	status:closed	status:archived	status:noreplies	status:single_user
category:foo	user:foo	group:foo	badge:foo	
in:likes	in:posted	in:watching	in:tracking	in:private
in:bookmarks	in:first	
posts_count:num	min_age:days	max_age:days	

Refining your search

Here are a few searches that might come in handy. Once you have seen them, they should be pretty easy to figure out with the help of the “options” window.

If you click “show more” at the bottom of the pop-up search window, you will be taken to the advanced search page that gives you a pull-down to select the sort order. It does not do the live search that the pop-up window does, though.

If you do a search from a profile, category, or topic page, you will get the option to search within that context. If you are on your course’s completions page, searching there will give you a checkbox to search just that category. Clicking the “search this topic” checkbox and then clicking “show more” link will take you to that search page with “category:X” so that you can see the category number.

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