Farewell EDM510 Summer 2016


Hey, @edm510, we’re just about done! This post has last-minute details about grades and such. Grades will be finalized Sunday, so you might want to pay attention to this.

Oh, and if you don’t mind giving me a few more minutes, check out this survey for some extra and unofficial questions I have about the course.


I was pleased with the projects! The vast majority seemed like they were things that people would use in the future (a future that for many of you is very near indeed). That was the point. I’m pretty stoked. If you haven’t checked them out, you should. This link will let you see them all.

If you are unhappy with your project grade you need to act fast. Grades are due Monday morning at 8:00 my time, so I’ll not be changing any grades Monday. I’ll do a final check Sunday afternoon after 5:00 CDT.


I was surprised how many people did not get all of their blogs done. It is too late now to submit any more blogs here. I made the blog assignment 400 points and you received 50 points per blog you completed. (For a little while I had the assignment worth 800 points, which resulted in some bad grades. Thanks to @danielle for letting me know!) If you believe that your blog grade is wrong, you can let me know by sending me a personal message and I will look carefully at all of the blog posts that you have posted here before now that have the meaningful-blog-post tag. Note that this may result in your grade going down. If you send me a link like https://literatecomputing.com/search?q=tag%3Ameaningful-blog-post+user%3Apfaffman (with your username instead of pfaffman) I can find your blog posts quickly. If that search does not find your blogs then you must tag them properly before contacting me.

Class Participation

I computed your class participation by averaging all of the statistics that Discourse keeps on the Users page. I first computed the average for the stats for the quarter (:heart:s Given, :hearts: received, topics written, replies written, topics viewed, posts read, and number of visits). Each student’s score in each of those categories was divided by the average for that stat (a Z score). Then those six stats were averaged. Students who were above the mean received 100% for participation. Those below the mean received the percentage that their participation was of the mean. This statistic was surprisingly predictive of grades.

Note: I originally entered the wrong grade in for class participation.


Grades are due Monday morning before I get out of bed. The grade that you see now in Sakai is the grade that I’ll enter into the grade system Saturday morning.

If there is something that seems wrong with your grade, you should submit the URL of in Sakai as described here. You can also email or send a personal message here. If you send me a message, you should include the URL of whatever it is that needs attention. If you say “Please check `URL`; I put a note in Sakai” then I am likely to click your link and think “Golly. They’re right. I should have :heart:ed that!” and when I next look in Sakai I’ll see that the assignment has been resubmitted and happily change your grade. If you don’t follow those steps, I am not likely to change your grade.

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Am I the only one…my actual letter grade/average for the class does not show up in sakai. I see all of my scores for each assignment, but no actual average of them all. This is the same for my other online class. Anyone else have this problem?


@econn No, mine is the same way!


Oh. Well that’s just great.


Mine is the same. Sometimes Saki will have grades posted without the overall average.


OK. I think I fixed it. Try now.

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