File size too big


Tried to upload a PDF of a book chapter and got an error message that the file size was too big…



3072 KB is max size. So may need to use Dropbox after all.



admin/settings/search: size

I just set it to 10,000kb. Now, the rub is that your hosting plan has 40GB. If students don’t upload more than 15-20GB you should be OK. Also, if you need to upload something really big, but don’t want students to fill up your space you can always change it, upload, and change it back.



Eh, I don’t want to run up into the 40GB hosting plan limit…I’ll think more about this.



Yeah. A GB is pretty much for text-based documents. All of my PDFs of every paper I’ve added to my database since PDFs were a thing are only 2.3GB.

It’s something to be mindful of, but a GB is pretty much. Do a couple of I (I think alt-I is get info in Windows) to see how big some of your folders are for a frame of reference.

10K is .01 of a GB. If you have 20GB and 40 students, then each one can upload 500Mb, on average.