Final Exam Notes



There is a final exam. I did not write it. Here is a list of things that is on it that if you are not familiar with you should spend a few minutes with your favorite search engine or Wikipedia to make sure that you understand.


  • AVL
  • APTplus
  • SIRS Discoverer
  • Web 2.0
  • RSS
  • blog
  • blog etymology
  • podcast
  • syndicated podcast
  • podcast etymology
  • social networking
  • Second Life, Whyville, and World of WarCraft
  • avatar
  • ReadWriteThink
  • Some people believe that kids today learn differently
  • Constructivist theories of learning
  • Who makes interactive whiteboards
  • The look and feel of Wikis, blogs, can change
  • Blogs, wikis, and GDocs can be used to collaborate.
  • Blogs that are regularly maintained contain current information.
  • Is wikipedia accurate?
  • Virtual worlds provide experiential/informal learning, community.
  • Some people are concerned or critical about user generated content.
  • What file type is most often used for podcasts?
  • Some people think that social software is dangerous.
  • You too can publish in iTunes.
  • graphic organizers
  • document camera
  • What are pros and cons of WIFI?
  • Visual thesaurus
  • You can teach students appropriate behavior through modeling.
  • Know several ways to get access to wikis.
  • Any time you use “only” or “never” it is false.
  • Some people think that blogs are for one person.
  • Virtual worlds vocab: Avatars, islands, aliases, multiusers, and inworlds


When is the final exam @pfaffman? Thank you!

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The final exam will open sometime next week (or as soon as I can get it) and be open until sometime around the end of the course.


Has the final been posted? I hope I haven’t missed something. Also, do you have a list compiled yet of all of our foliotek requirements for this course? @pfaffman

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