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DFor my final project I created a class website using Wordpress. I choose a class website for my final project because it is something I have tried to create in the past but was never able to pull it off. I think I have found a way to create a workable site using WordPress.

Working on the final project gave me the opportunity to gain a better understand of the power of WordPress. During this course, I learned the basics of WordPress. However, working on the final project allowed me to dive into more of the mechanics.

The hardest part of creating a class website was picking a suitable theme, one that was mobile friendly and easy on the eyes. After I played around with several themes, I began to pick my categories. I started off with six categories but decided that that was too many. I wanted to keep the class website simple and easy to navigate. I eventually decided on four categories.

The second hardest part of the assignment was picking the content to upload. After a little brainstorming, I again decided to keep it simple. This year I’m going to teach at an alternative program that uses TCI. Since the majority of the content is on TCI, I won’t be posting that many assignments to the class website. Instead, my plan is to use the class website to showcase students work, provide a place to post information students and parents can access.

Overall, I feel i have created a website I can build upon. I’m currently in the process of learning TCI, so in the coming weeks before school starts, I will be able to incorporate both TCI and my class website into my instructional practices.

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Well, at least this part should require some thought. :slight_smile:[quote=“jandry, post:1, topic:4595”] This year I’m going to teach at an alternative program that uses TCI. [/quote]

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You need to reconfigure Wordpress so that the domain name is and not **www.** When you configured Let’s Encrypt you left out the WWW.

The formatting on your page is a bit awkward.