Final Project Check-in


Hey, @isd581! The syllabus was a little unclear about Final Project Due dates. (Sakai indicates that the due date is Feb1, 2026. That’s not right.)

Final projects are Due Thursday, April 28 (the last day of classes). I intend to have them all assessed by Close of Business on Friday. I would like for everyone to get the grade that they think that they deserve. To that end, I am asking everyone to post what you have and a description of what you expect to have done when the project is complete no later than Monday, April 25. This will allow everyone to see what the norms are and that everyone is on the same page about expectations.

Though I have set Monday as the deadline for this, I recommend that you post something by Friday noon. If you do, I will do my best to give you feedback before the end of the day on Friday so that you have the weekend to work knowing that what you plan to do meets my expectations.

Whoever has the most incomplete project now gets bragging rights! (I really want to make it clear that there is no shame in having very little done at this point.)

What to do

  • Create a topic in #isd581:isd581-completions tagged with #project-check-in
  • Include a narrative that describes what you have done and how it represents what you have learned and will help you, your students, or your clients in the future.
  • Post a link to your project as it exists currently.
  • Include an estimate of what percentage of the completed project you have now.
  • Look at other people’s posts and :heart: at least 5 of them.