Final Project for EDM 510



I chose to do the project that I did because I am a History Major and I am currently in the School of Education with the class A certification in Social Studies. I am currently in the Civil War and Reconstruction (HY 535) class and had great influence on my project. I submitted a lesson plan to ALEX dealing with the Civil War and Reconstruction era in America. I also created a blog, a video that was uploaded to youtube, a rubric to go with the lesson plan and my own image on [befunky] ( Overall I spent between 13 and 14 hours on this project with my estimation of 4 on the ALEX plan, 2 for the Rubric, and 3 hours on making my youtube video. I spent roughly 2-3 hours on finding a website to create an image that I could use in the video and blog. I spent about 2 hours on my blog and tweaking themes and adding my video and lesson plans.

I plan to use this project in my future classroom if I teach American History. The lesson plan is one that is based on the Civil War and has the students assessed by writing a 5-7 page paper that uses a wide array of sources, however, it has them focus on the [AVL] ( and the [ Civil War] ( I will use the rubric I made to grade the paper and the length of the lesson is more than one class could cover as the Civil War is complex and is a major part of American History. I created the video so I could easily explain my final project and I can edit the video in the future and upload it to a social media website for my students. My blogs can be used in my future teaching to further explain this lesson or any other lesson in the future. Here I will upload my lesson plan, which I checked in an incognito window, my youtube video, my blog, my image, and my rubric.

Here is my [Alex Lesson Plan] (

Here is my blog. My blog also has the lesson plan, the image and the video on it at as well.

Here is a link to my video on youtube

Here is the image that I created on [befunky] (

Here is a rubric that I created for grading of the paper. Civil War and Reconstruction Paper Rubric.docx (15.1 KB) Here is a pdf of my lesson plan

Lesson Plan.pdf (378.2 KB)


This looks good, but I can’t quite tell

I’m glad that you included the link to your lesson plan on ALEX, but until it gets approved, we can’t see it, so please go to the page and “print” your lesson plan to a PDF and upload the PDF here or to your blog so that we can check it out now.


@pfaffman I can view it in a pdf now. I hope this is right?


Indeed. Now I can see it!

The URLs for the AVL link are not persistent. It may be the case that I can’t see it because I’m not in Alabama, but I’m pretty sure that any url that contains “sessionmgr” won’t work when the session times out.

I applaud your acknowledgement that you don’t need MS Word, but it would be less awkward to replace “Microsoft Word or another program that allows for papers tobe written” with “a word processor.”

Though how to prepare a rubric is beyond the scope of this course, you should know that what you include as a “rubric” is more of a description of the assignments than a proper rubric. A rubric would spell out, for example, how the “50% will be content related to your subject with background and post war reconstruction” is broken down. You might check out some other rubrics that others have submitted.


Okay, thank you. I wanted to make sure that my project was done thoroughly. The rubric was a last minute addition in order for me to have something to go along with the lesson plan.