Final Project: Lesson Plan


Continuing the discussion from The End of EDM510 Summer 2016 is Near!:

  1. I chose to create a lesson plan because I felt it would be the most useful assignment to me. I know that I will create a lot of lesson plans in the future. Also, as a science teacher, I can understand the importance of using technology in the classroom on a daily basis. I know that I will use this lesson plan in the future. I will also use the knowledge I learned in creating it. I learned a lot about how to find online resources like handouts and worksheets online. I learned about great websites to use, the best phrases to use to search for resources, and how to combine them together to create a lesson plan.

  2. It may not be obvious from looking at my assignment, but I spent hours online looking up different resources like handouts, worksheets, labs, and movies to help teach the material to students. I believe it is important for students to be taught material in different ways other than just lecturing, and handouts are a great way to do this. I also watched all the movies and videos I included in my lesson plan to make sure the content was appropriate to what I was trying to teach.

  3. I created the bare bones of this lesson plan for another Education class. I had a 2 day outlined lesson plan that was about 400 words that I expanded into this 7 day lesson plan that is 3900 words.

  4. I did not submit this lesson plan to ALEX because those lesson plans are usually last 1-2 class periods and are very specific to ACOS standards, and are usually very creative. I made my lesson plan more generalized and not focused on any particular awesome assignment. I wanted to create a realistic lesson plan, like one that most teachers will create. [I did post my lesson plan on my blog] ( I have also linked it here.Lesson Plan Final.docx (26.7 KB)



Wow, that obviously took a lot of thought and hard work! Good luck next year!

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This looks great!

I hope that you’ll find it useful.