FINALly Finished! EDM 510 Final Project

Continuing the discussion from EDM510 2016 Summer Final Project:

For my final project of the semester, I chose the “mixed bag” approach. I chose to write a grant for an Ipad and some digital science/social studies resources for my classroom. In all, I spent about 5 hours on this. This is a small grant that is offered to teachers in my county each year for creative use of materials in your classroom. I want to use the requested materials to help my young students become independent researchers and further explore the topics we learn about in class. Even though this grant is small ($300), it is one I have a good shot of getting and every little bit counts!

Here is the link to my Grant Proposal Grant Proposal- Ipad.docx (14.0 KB). Here is the link to the Educational Foundation Grant application Educational Foundation Grant application.pdf (273.1 KB).

Next, I decided to use my movie-making skills and create a movie for parents which will help them learn about our multi-age program. I decided to use PowToon, because I liked the cartoon-look of the videos, and had not tried this site in our previous assignments. I found it very user friendly, but still took me 4-5 hours of work making the video, fixing my mistakes, and getting everything just right. I think it will be a useful tool to share with parents before the school year begins.

Here is my video .

You can also view my final project information on my blog here.


Nice job with the intro video. I love the idea of a K-1 program, that would be a neat model incorporated elsewhere :slight_smile: Good luck getting your grant and good luck this school year!

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This looks great!

It’d be better if you made your grant a PDF (we don’t need to edit it, so a PDF makes it more likely that it’ll be formatted like you intend) and made the grant proposal a link to the grant maker’s web site (unless you can’t for some reason?–oh, now that I see it, perhaps they don’t have a web presence).

Your grant proposal looks like the kind of thing that they might fund (best I can tell, which may mean very little).