Firefox And Chrome Installed


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Already had these installed, just blacked out my relevant emails / account info.



Nice work, but you don’t need to include all of the text from the original assignment. To make sure you see how things work, you should go back and edit your original post and take out the part that has my message.



I knew to do that but left it in as I could not find an actual edit button, is there one or is it simply replying as a linked post again?



Disregard that previous message I thought it was pertaining to the markdown assignment, I will make sure to do that in the future when I submitted that one I was in the middle of getting the categories to work and wanted to make sure that it would reference to the correct assignment.

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Discourse currently gives you only 4 days to edit a post. The default is two days. The reasoning is that if someone edits their post after a conversation about it has started the conversation may no longer make sense. I increased the time to 4 days, which I think is usually long enough.