First Year Preparation


This page includes different aspects that a first year teacher should review before taking on their first class.

##Here’s How it Works Each section focuses on a different part of the preparation for your first day/week of school. Within each section, there are different quests and tools to help you become a prepared and successful teacher.

Before we can start with the Educational things, we need to know a little about this website. So, we will first complete the following:

#Preparing the Classroom

Setting up a Class

#Preparing a Class: Each class you teach is unique. Although there will be some overlap (more in some subjects than others), you will need to assess different standards. Here are some things to think about as you prepare lesson plans and gather resources.

Lesson Plans - [ALEX]( - [ISTE](
Resources - [Supplemental Work]( - [Social Bookmarking](

#Options for Communication: At some point, you will need to communicate with the outside world about what is happening in your class. Here are some options that you can use:

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Pfaffman, J. (2016), EDM510 Summer Course Syllabus, retrieved from:

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