Foliotek: Gilley

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I do have to use foliotek because I am enrolled in Special Education Classes seeking my degree In K-6 Special Ed. Even though I have purchased it I have never had to use it. Teaching in an inclusion 4th grade class I have learned many things about how to use technology in the classroom. I now know how to post things in mu own blog. I have learned how to use google chrome and all about the incognito window. I know how to use twitter in the classroom from reading from different sources. I have made a video introducing myself. I have made a video introducing an activity. This class has been very challenging but I have learned a lot!!

These standards were used: Alternative Masters Students Standards

290-3-3-.44 (3)©1.(iii) Knowledge of media communication technologies that enrich learning opportunities.

290-3-3-.44 (3)©4.(ii) Knowledge of the wide range of technologies that support and enhance instruction, including classroom and school resources as well as distance learning and online learning opportunities.

If you bought it this summer and don’t have to use it, you might be able to get your money back.

Your post here does not address the particular standards and what you have done to meet them.