General Observations on Wiki Group Assignment


So on the collaboration assignment- Here are my thoughts, please comment yours… -we are each in our group to commandeer one paper, to be the primary author on the comments-- the others in our group are also to read that paper and issue comments to me to include into my writings. We make these comments on a common wiki… (is that how everyone is interpreting the instructions?) ?

  • so we do have to read ALL the papers

Just seeing if we are all on the same page with this- I see lots of Wiki addresses and I know we were supposed to make one each for the other assignment- but everyone in each group collaborating on a common one?

Then in the end we each turn in our comments from our paper separately? Or just URL our wikispace? - All due July 13th? How do we show everyone participated some in each write up?

Ok- I like the anonymous mode but I have a feeling everyone knows who this is:wink:


I’m still not clear myself on what needs to be done to successfully complete this quest.

Honest to god, no clear idea:-) What are your thoughts @Lola_Solano, @clmitchell, and @Devon_Weaver?

What I think we have to do is each read our chosen article, summarize it into 500 words, and post it to our Wiki? We will then get each other’s Wiki posts to add to our summary?

P.S. I don’t know who it is…


Do we know when it is due? @cmartin @Lola_Solano @Devon_Weaver


I think it’s due by July 13th @clmitchell


We were all suppose to create a wiki but which wiki will we use for the discussion? @cmartin @Devon_Weaver @clmitchell


I am kind of lost on this quest as well. I think what you just summed up sounds like it could be the correct thing to do being we all had to create a wiki.


@cmartin I believe that is what we do! That’s what I’m planning on doing


@cmartin I believe that is what we do! That’s what I’m planning on doing

@Devon_Weaver I just saw this reply and I am on here reading posts multiple times a day!