Going incognito is cumbersome


Going incognito first gives me this image:

Then when I go back to the site, it makes me log in again. I just wanted to see what the site looks like from the student view, so this seems cumbersome.


I don’t want to login again because I can’t remember my login and don’t want to have to reset my password.


Right. Since your site is accessible only to people who are logged in, incognito mode won’t help you. You’ll need to create another account that is a regular user (aka student) and log in as them in an incognito window (which is cumbersome), or in a different browser (which might be somewhat less cumbersome). I.e., you could log in as a student in Firefox and then just always use Firefox to see the student view.

Another way to see a student view is to go admin/users, click on a user, and then you can impersonate that user. It’s still a bit bothersome, though.

On a related note, since you have logged in with your Gmail address, you can click the blue “g with Google” button on the log in page and use your Gmail credentials and not have to enter a password.


Yeah, I just tried with Google and it says something about only invited users can enter. I’m already logged into your literatecomputing site in one browser and my DTQR site in another browser because for some reason I used different emails for each.


It seems that logging in with Gmail is set as the default. When I tried to create a new account it ONLY lets me login with Google, there’s no option to create a new account.


Okay, I’m getting stressed out now (just some data for you ha ha) because the course has to be open on Friday and I’m still not at all sure I understand how to get the students into the course or what it’s going to look like for them.


You don’t let people create accounts. You set it up so that only the addresses that you invite can log in. You logged in with a gmail address that you apparently use for professional and/or students to use.


That’s three days away.

It’ll look almost exactly the same to them as it does for you. Which, right now, means that they can’t see it because they have not been invited. :smiling_imp:


When I’m logged in as a student they can still see the locked topics and such?

I guess I can go in and delete the locked “staff” topic that looks identiccal to the “real” welcome topic. I wish that students couldn’t see at all what is private/locked to them - it’s cluttered and may be confusing.


Argh, the trena-liz-student account still has admin privileges so that’s why everything is showing up. Whatever we did last night didn’t seem to stick in terms of making it a student view account.


I am so confused. When I am logged in it shows that account is “member” not admin, but when I’m logged in with the student account I show up as an admin.


Okay, while I still don’t know what’s going on with the student account I created, Liz created one, too, and so I am now logged in with her student account and seeing what I need to fix in the site.