Grad Student Essentials



Who Needs This Challenge

If you are a graduate student these are things that you need to see that you learn about.

Tricks for Accessing Journals from off-campus

If you are in graduate school (and especially in a PhD track), you need to be facile in accessing journal articles. This challenge describes two tools that make finding and accessing articles much easier.

Find Journals in Your Field

Though your instructors and mentors should direct you to some important journals in your field, you should also be adept at finding other sources of research. This challenge provides some guidance for how to do that. (See also Recognizing bogus journals).

Get a Citation Manager

If you are getting a PhD, you will need to have knowledge of dozens of authors and hundreds of papers. If you are in a PhD program, you should start now with some mechanism for keeping track of every paper that you read, and probably every paper that you think you should read.

Other challenges that should be here

Create (or find and modify) an APA template for your word processor that has all of the necessary headings already created and heading styles configured according to APA’s guidelines.