Hiding categories


Did I do it right - is this the only part of my site you can see right now? https://dtqr.literatecomputing.com/c/sandbox


I can’t quite tell. I’m an admin, so I can see everything.

I created a new account, and it can see only


You should go to your profile, go to invites, and “copy invite link”. Paste that into an incognito Window to create the account. Then you can see what they see. You could also go to the admin/users page find “jay” an “impersonate” me to see how that looks.


Ugh, I forgot that we didn’t really resolve the issue that they have to be invited / logged-in before they can even see the sandbox. I’m not really ready to deal with inviting them yet, so I guess I will just send them to the main Discourse sandbox instead of just the one for DTQR.


Oh, except probably they can’t even get to the regular sandbox without having an account. Too complicated since students are still adding and dropping every day so I won’t have a final list of students for a few weeks. I really wanted to give them plenty of time to get familiar with the discussion interface before class starts, but maybe I’m just being overly cautious. I’d like to try to start inviting students by May 23 if that seems reasonable.


Here’s what I think. Few people are going to do work before the course starts. The only complicated thing is doing the reply-as-linked-topic thing to turn in assignments. Participating in discussion is not a problem. People would be well served to spend 10 minutes learning about Markdown and how quoting works, but there are dozens of Discourse forums with tens of thousands of users. No one trained them.

Don’t sweat it.


I am sure you are right. At the same time, my guess is most people using Discourse are there b/c they want to be, not b/c I’m requiring them to be. I feel like when I’m requiring something out of the ordinary (like this as part of a UGA class) I need to be overly accommodating/supportive so as to alleviate any concerns so s’s don’t complain that I threw them into a new system with no support. One new thought - is it a problem if students went ahead and registered themselves to play around in the Discourse sandbox? It wouldn’t be their official account once the course started, but it at least would give those who wanted it extra time to play.


Solved the problem! This sandbox is open to everyone w/o logging in: http://try.discourse.org/ Hooray.


Doh! Sorry that I didn’t think to tell you about that!