How Do I Know What to Do When?

As I have been making my way around the class website through discourse I am beginning to fell a little lost and somewhat overwhelmed.

What I am feeling lost about is the time table of when and where you want assignments turned in to.

I think that I posted what you wanted already for this weeks schedule going by the page on Sakai but when I look on Discourse, I feel as though I am already behind in my work and its only the second day. Am I the only person who has felt this way or do I just need to give myself a little break?


Hello! Yes, you should certainly give yourself a BIG break. If you go to Sakai and look under “Assignments” for EDM510, you’ll see all of our quests and their due dates. I think people are just eager to begin working because once you familiarize yourself with Literate Computing, which was VERY confusing for me at first, the quests are quite fun.

Please let me know if there’s anything more specific that I can help you with in your quests. Is there one in particular whose successful completion is proving elusive? I’d love to help as I’m sure would everyone else in the class!


As you start doing the assignments, Pfaffian will most likely direct you on what you are doing wrong if needed. Things I learned is make sure you choose EDM Completions when posting an assignment and after selecting reply as a link topic, delete the quests(which I think are his instructions and such). I’m sure there will be more to learn, but I didn’t understand until I started doing the assignments and getting feedback.

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Thanks to @jude and @cmartin for their responses.

For now, Sakai is there to get guidance about what is due when. I put a bunch of quests in here that are not due soon. I sort of like the idea that someone could just do all of the quests at their own pace, but that might be problematic.

Also, some assignments will be from an older version of the course and the same as the other section to keep some consistency between sections.

I think what I should do is pin a “What to do this week” post at the top of the Courses/EDM510 Category to help people know what’s to be happening when.

I’ve started grading stuff in Sakai and most people are on board with the plan. A few people haven’t quite figured out how to paste in the URL from their posts, but I think they’re close.

Some people have not gotten much pasted in to Sakai, which I’m a little worried about. Some people haven’t gotten much done here, either, which is gravely concerning.

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