Installing Tool in Reclaim Hosting is down?

It seems that the Installation tool in Reclaim Hosting is not currently working. I was able to install Wordpress, but not Known.

leads to…

Has anyone else had problems?

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I’m on a different server. When you get an error like that you should definitely let them know by filing a ticket or sending a chat. I can’t tell from the error whether that is likely to be some spurious error or a configuration problem.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Lauren from Reclaim Hosting, here!

Since this is a new domain (as of last night) the error 500 might be coming from the domain change. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling first. If that doesn’t work, send us a support ticket within the convo app in the bottom, right-hand corner of your Client Area, or by sending an email to We’d be happy to help you get this sorted.


I have the same problem. Were you able to resolve the issue? @M_McCoy

I am very impressed with support. It took 2 minutes for them to fix the problem for me. @pfaffman @M_McCoy