iPad Technology Grant Proposal - Final Project!



Continuing the discussion from The Fruits of Your Labor: EDM510 Summer 2016 Final Project!:

This project took me quite awhile to figure out what to do. I spent several days looking over @pfaffman’s suggestions. I originally tried to create a Moodle page, then I realized that this would not be very helpful in my actual classroom because my students do not all have access to computers at home and they definitely do not have access to computers in my classroom. This got me to look into writing a technology grant for iPads in my classroom. Over the past 2-3 weeks, I have searched through and through for the perfect grant for my needs. I wanted to find one that I could actually use. I did not want to do this just to fulfill a requirement for a course, like we normally do. This took me days to find the right grant and several more days to get all my resources together.

I am a member of NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). This is where I ended up finding the grant that I would use. The grant had several requirements which took me hours to write and prepare for. I had to create a budget and itemize everything. I wrote my first ever proposal which includes my plan, my budget, my potential uses of iPads in my classroom, and my expected outcome. I then had to explain my education background and my teaching experience in an outlined format. A cover page was included, which I filled out. (I have left off my address, phone number, and membership number for privacy reasons.)

Here is the list of requirements for the grant. I did not get the principals letter for this project. This is due to the fact that he is extremely busy this time of year and I did not feel that it was necessary. I am aware that if I do plan to submit this next year that I will need to get that piece finished.

I have uploaded my documents for the grant to my Google Drive account and I have created links for you to view them.

I am so excited that I have had this opportunity to work on the grant writing process. I plan to take this to some of my teachers that I work with who have written grants before and get their opinion on what I have done and if I need to add anything.




This looks great!

iPads are great if everyone has their own. They are horrible devices to share, however. Apple has gone out of their way to make sure that sharing them with other people is a real pain, which makes them horrible tools for classrooms.

People love them, though.

Oh! and you’re asking for a classroom set. If your kids are in your class all day, what I said doesn’t matter. And even still, lots of schools use iPads in spite of what I said. (There are also examples like the LA School district that returned all of their iPads because of what a disaster they were).

If you get funded, please let us know here!


I have thought about the troubles with iPads. I could easily change my request to small laptops of some sort that may be easier for students to share seeing that I teach 7th grade and work with 150 students on a daily basis.

I like the capabilities of the apps on the iPad for math. I’m sure I could find many resources for a laptop as well!

Glad you liked it. Thanks again for a great semester!


If your schools supports, or for whatever reason, loves iPads, then that’s what you should get. There are some tools that make dealing with bunches of iPads; if Tech Person at your school knows how to make them work and will do your bidding, by all means, go with that. If you are the only one who’ll be supporting them, then dealing with 30 iPads is a royal pain, and that is not even counting the multiple-user-per-device problem. Some apps may support multiple users (and they’ll all do it differently), but the OS doesn’t (at least not last I looked).

Chomebooks are easy to manage if all of your students have some kind of Gmail/google account. If they do, then they just grab whatever Chromebook, log in with their Google authentication (Jagmail at South) and they’re off to the races. They have keyboards. Keyboards are great devices for entering text. Windows or OS X laptops are probably a bad idea (unless you have some Tech Person who will make them do what you want them to).

Android tablets are also pretty easy to deal with more than one user per device. Lots of apps are available for Android as well as iOS. If you think you want tablets for whatever reason, see if the apps you want are available for Android.