ISTE Standards and You



If you are, or plan to be, an educator in the United States, you need to be familiar with the technology standards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and, at a minimum, their technology standards for (1) Teachers, (2) Students, and (3) Administrators. You need to know how to find them, so rather than provide you with links, I am requiring you to go find them yourself. At the time of this writing you have to sign up for an account on the ISTE web site to download them in their entirety. You will need to do that. I avoid requiring people to register for accounts unless it is absolutely necessary, but ISTE is important enough that you should register for an account to gain access to their materials.

What to Do

After you have downloaded and read the standards for Students, teachers, and administrators, you should choose one substandard (e.g., 2.b) from two different standards (e.g., Students and Teachers). For each sub-standard you choose, describe an activity that you might have your students (in the case of Students standards) do to see that they meet the standard or what you have done (in the case of teacher standards) that demonstrates that you have met that standard. For the activity you can either write your own lesson plan (that you post, say, on your blog) or find a lesson plan somewhere that you can link to.

Reply-as-linked-topic, tag with #iste-standards , and, for each of the two standards that you address, include:

  1. A link to the set of standards that you are using (teacher, student, administrator)
  • A description of the particular standard your lesson plan will address (e.g., “4.b. Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions”)

  • A link to the lesson plan that you will use to address this standard

  • A 1-3 sentence description of the lesson plan

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ISTE Standards and Me
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