Journals I Watch: Find Two Journals in Your Field



Why this Quest?

You want to be able to say:

  • I can name and access the leading journals in my field

You should already have completed a Quest about gaining remote access to your academic library. Now you will put that library to use.

What to Do

Using your library’s search engine, Google Scholar, and perhaps a general-purpose search engine (e.g., Google), identify the 2-5 leading journals in your field. In addition to listing the journals and a link to their main web site, or a “permalink” from the library search engine, describe how you found that journal and why you think that it is not only legitimate, but important.

You are looking for journals, not articles. For example, The Elementary School Journal is a journal. "Teacher Management of Elementary Classroom Social Dynamics" is not.

If you are new to graduate school, this might be a difficult assignment. It may help to also consult a librarian or your advisor.

See also: How to tell if a Journal is Bogus.

Most journals have RSS feeds. If your journals do, you should add their feeds to your Feed reader’s watch list and include that link to your post so that others can add it to theirs too.

Evidence of Completion

When you reply to move this topic to your course’s completions category, tag with #journals-i-watch, and indicate your field in your post, and what you did to find those journals. There is no wrong answer except one that is omitted. A good way to find two legitimate and appropriate journals is to use your library’s list of journals. Most libraries keep lists of journals organized by topic.

For each of two journals provide:

  1. pretty links (that show something other than the URL itself like the journal’s title)
  • A pretty link to the RSS feed for the journal if you can find one, and
  • why you chose that journal.
  • Evidence that your school’s library has a subscription to that journal

Journals for My Field
Math Education Journals
Grad Student Essentials
Success- Journal find
Planning a Community Transition Fair for Special Ed. Students
Educational Journals

A screen shot of a search in is neither.