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Continuing the discussion from The Fruits of Your Labor: EDM510 Summer 2016 Final Project!:

I chose to do idea #1 Technology Lesson Plans because I thought that they would be the most useful to me in my future classroom. I want to be a tech-savvy teacher and I need to have lesson plans that include technology so that I can also have tech-savvy students. I do not have my own classroom so I chose to make 3 different lesson plans for three different grade levels. These took quite a while to make becuase I am not the best at writting lesson plans but I am happy with the results and would definitely use them in my future classroom.

  • The first lesson plan that I wrote was for a 4th grade classroom. It was about habitats and the technology I used was a site called PowToon. This site made it so easy to create a fun and interesting presentation and the best part about it is that it is free! This lesson also incorporates the super popular game, Pokemon Go. I really wanted to make a lesson plan for this game because children are obsessed with it! Technology Lesson Plan 1.pdf (376.2 KB)

  • The second lesson plan is for a 2nd grade classroom. It is a social studies lesson on American symbols. The technology that I used is Wordle. The students are supposed to create a Wodle for an American symbol of their choosing Technology Lesson Plan 2.pdf (261.7 KB)

  • The third lesson plan that I created was for a Special Education 3rd grade classroom. The lesson is about the life cycle of a plant. The technology that I used in the lesson plan was Kahoot. There is also a YouTube video in the lesson. Technology Lesson Plan 3.pdf (263.6 KB)

###I tried to put these lesson plans on Alex. Here are those links.



@Hannah_Still - Wanted to let you know the ALEX links say the link is invalid. It might be the verification process they have to go through. Just wanted to make sure you were aware :wink: Cute lesson plans though!

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Thanks for letting me know! I submitted them to ALEX but I think they are still waiting to be approved.

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Right. The links are invalid until the the lesson plans are approved.



This looks great!

I hope that others will find your lesson plans useful too!

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