Like Other's Posts For Better Grades!

Hello EDM 510! I wanted to remind everyone to please take the time to like other people’s posts! Our grades depend on everyone taking the time to do so and I am sure everyone would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes every day to like posts.


Especially if you used their post for help!!! It’s a nice way to say thank you!:nerd:


True! But even still just to be nice to help out the people who have earned a 100% but their grade is stuck at 95% because they do not have 3 likes.

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You understand that on your transcript, an 89.5 and a 100 are exactly the same, right?

This makes me feel so much better about all my 95%s now. I had a good bit of posts that needed only one more like to bump me up to that 100%. I was worried only because my other two courses I am taking this summer have a grading scale of 93-100% as an A. So glad this course uses the standard 89.5-100% grading scale!

Well, the default in Sakai seems to be a 10 point grading scale, so that’s what I use.

I suppose that I should make that more clear on my syllabus. I have no idea how or whether you can get that information from Sakai.