Markup is actually cool


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I solved this challenge by starting with the few markdowns that I already knew how to complete

I knew how to:

  1. bold & italic text

  2. drag and drop a image/copy & paste image

  3. Enumerated List

One thing I like to do is shop :credit_card: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

Every computer needs this button

And the stores know it, many of the associates will shoot me a text when they are having a sale or when a item that i’ve been watching finally goes on sale

However. there are a few things I do not like shopping for

  • Text books

  • Groceries

  • household items

If you all are wondering how is this shopaholic ever going to complete grad school with her spending habits the US Air Force will pay for it

spoilers are so cool lol

More stories of my life…

lastly, here is a [site] ( “A department store”) I check every week for deals

Everything works besides my link. What are they doing wrong? It works. Thanks everyone for your feedback.



Cute post :slight_smile: You should use one of your future assignments to teach us some tips on finding deals!

BTW though, I think you may have missed a keystroke somewhere trying to set up your link: [quote=“Tikijah_Parsons, post:1, topic:3283”] lastly, here is a [link] ( "A department store) I check every week for deals [/quote]

I think it needs quotation marks after store to make it work correctly. You can make it say anything inside the [brackets] and what’s inside the “quote marks” is what will show up when someone hovers over it. Hope that helps!

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Nice catch, @tarlee!

Looks good @Tikijah_Parsons! Though you need to add the missing quote like @tarlee said.



This is hilarious! I love that they are looking out for you :joy:



@Tikijah_Parsons that is too funny. I bet you get a million text during the holidays. Personally, I do not like going into the stores to shop. I have become addicted to online shopping. I love Amazon Prime, bet thing since sliced bread.

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@jandry I do a lot of online shopping but if it’s clothes or shoes I have to try it on. You know how girls are. Our bodies tend to change with like the weather.



I see you like to shop so I thought I would give you a sales link to check out.



Now THAT is customer service! To get a text from associates sounds awesome. And your link to Dillard’s - that is how I bought my the dress I got married in and my bridesmaid dresses for my daughters. Super awesome to get a 200 dollar dress for just 25 dollars



Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m planning my wedding. Although i’m single i’m already planning. Btw don’t forget about the semi annual sale. It starts tomorrow