Markup v Markdown


I know in this course we learned about Markdown language and from what I have read, BlackBoard uses Markup language. Have you found that most programs utilize markup language over markdown? Is markup language something most IDers are skilled at?

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I’m not familiar with blackboard markup. Markup is a general term. LaTeX, markdown, and html are all markup languages. Have you a link to the blackboard one?

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I’m not familiar with any but markdown. I am trying to wrap my mind around the different languages and get a little under my belt about each. Of course, various employers want IDers to do different things. I see a lot of job posts that say familiar with HTML or even some Adobe products that mention using HTML in the product.


I didn’t see anything about blackboard markup in a quick search. I imagine that there is a markup language for creating online tests. Moodle and Sakai both have ways that you can create tests using text files that have markup to create questions, indicate which one is correct and so on,short of like how you create a poll here. I should probably add a challenge about that.

I’m thinking that edm520 may have people learn some html and CSS,but that remains to be seen.


Also, you’re about to work with MediaWiki, which uses its own markup language. I think that one you have seen how a few of them work, making sense of another one won’t be that big a deal.